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MEXICO.- Marilyn Monroe is one of the most outstanding icons of cinema and pop culture, not only for her contributions as an actress, but also for her legendary beauty and her mysterious death. Monroe has hundreds of photographs that have been disseminated by various media; however, to date images continue to emerge little known of the actress.

One of them is the one she took during her visit to Puerto Peñasco in 1953, the Sonoran city where she spent several days with her husband Joe DiMaggio. The couple is believed to have made a courtesy visit to baseball player Carlos Alberto Gonzálezoriginally from Hermosillo, although it is also speculated that it could have been a pleasure trip.

The photographs of the couple in the city show that they took a ride on a boat and enjoyed the desert landscape of the state of Sonora. In one of them you can see Marilyn in a boat, covering herself from the sun with a hat, while she is seen in the background the desert with its ridges. In another image, the Hollywood star appears in what looks like a hotel and, finally, there is a photograph of her next to DiMaggio and Carlos Alberto.

The photographs were auctioned in August 1999, as reported by the magazine Peopleat an event at Christie’s where it was auctioned most personal belongings Monroe, including memories of the discreet fishing port that served as their romantic hideaway in 1953.

A few months after his visit, in January 1954, the couple married in San Francisco, California, Joe’s hometown. The civil ceremony was at City Hall and pretended to be secret, as only his close friends attended. However, the word spread and when they left Hundreds of people were waiting for them.

In the absence of a religious ceremony, the couple settled for being photographed on the steps of the church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Marriage It lasted only nine months.

In the company of a lawyer, on October 6, 1954, Marilyn announced the separation at a press conference. With tears in her eyes, the actress said that the cause of the separation was mental cruelty (what today we would call psychological abuse).

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