This was the elimination of Egypt with Mohamed Salah against Senegal | Qualifying Africa 2022 | National teams

The Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz he was left “without the bread and without the cheese”. This Tuesday he lost the chance to go to the World Cup in Qatar, after having tried in this Qualifiers with two teams: Colombia and Egypt. With the pharaohs he fell (3-1) on penalties against Sadio Mané’s Senagal.

Boulaye Dia’s goal in the 3rd minute that once again leveled the Qualifiers and the penalties, with Edouard Mendy’s save of Mostafa Mohamed on the penultimate shot and Sadio Mané’s subsequent conversion, launched Senegal to their second consecutive World Cup for the first time in history and kept Mohamed Salah and Egypt out of Qatar 2022who relived from 11 meters the tremendous frustration of the Africa Cup final less than two months ago against the same opponent.

There was no revenge and there will be no World Cup for Egypt, which missed three of its four shots in the decisive shootout, including Salah himself. He was not even able to take advantage of errors also from Senegal, who did not score the first two penalties either, but then recovered to score first through Ismaila Sarr, then through Dieng and finally through Mane, Salah’s teammate at Liverpool. , with the final 3-1.

In between, Mendy deflected Mohamed’s shot. There was no longer an opportunity for the Egyptian team. Before, his advantage from going to Egypt had not lasted at all. In three minutes, Senegal balanced the Qualifiers to launch a ‘final’, like the one that faced them -and won it- less than two months ago in the Africa Cup played in Cameroon.

He did not need more for the 1-1 Boulaye Dia, who took advantage of a free kick by Idrisse Gueye to tie the series and propose a new match, at home, in front of his public, to rediscover that skill and to score his most important goal as international. The second goal in his run of sixteen games with the Villarreal striker’s team, but so crucial to equalize the fight for Qatar 2022 against Mohamed Salah and company, who suffered several setbacks apart from the goal in the first half, with two changes due to injury: first, Rabies, before half an hour; later, Gaber, in 36.

It did not alter the panorama too much for Carlos Queiroz’s block, with a shot attempt in 45 minutes that did not take a goal. He did not have much more in the second half. Senegal always made more offensive merits, both at that time and in the extension to which the duel led between the 1-0 with which the 90 minutes ended and the new half hour began, with opportunities for the local team, and the immobile 1-0.

Everything on penalties, just like the Africa Cup, which Senegal won then. Like now. The African champion will go to the World Cup in Qatar. Egypt, No. Not Mohammed Salah.

Data sheet

Senegal: Edouard Mendy; Ciss, Koulibaly, Abou Cisse, Sabaly; Idrisse Gueye (Pape Sarr, d. 114), Namplays Mendy (Kouyate, d. 80); Bouna Sarr (Dieng, d. 69), Mane, Ismaila Sarr; Boulaye Dia (Pape Gueye, d. 81). 0 (1)

Egypt: Elshenawy; Ibrahim, Fatouh, Gaber (Ashour, d. 36), Rabia (Ashraf, d. 29); Elsoulia, Fathi (Aala Eldin, d. 118), Elneny (Dunga, d. 70); Trezeguet (Sayed, d.70), Salah, Marmoush (Mostafa Mohamed, d.70).

Goal: 1-0, m. 3: Boulaye Dia.
Penalties (3-1): 0-0: Koulibaly, out. 0-0: Salah, out. 0-0: Ciss, for Elshenawy. 0-0: Sayed, out. 1-0: Ismaila Sarr, goal. 1-1: Elsoulia, goal. 2-1: Dieng, goal. 2-1: Mohamed, for Mendy. 3-1, Mane, goal.

Referee: Mustapha Ghorbal (Algeria). He admonished locals Gueye (m. 37) and Dieng (m. 70) and visitors Gaber (m. 34), Ashraf (m. 45), Fatouh (m. 112) and Dounga (m. 123).


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