This was the life of Alexandra Daddario when she recorded True Detective

Although even as a child it was glimpsed that Alexandra Daddario I would be an actress. Her debut at age fifteen in the series All my Children, so it was announced. But it was with his performance in the movie Peter Jackson and the Lightning Thiefwhen it began to be taken into account by the industry.

In True Detective, the actress had one of the strongest erotic scenes of her career.

From then on her career took off and more and more better roles were emerging for her, which relied heavily on her beautiful face and especially on the beauty of her blue eyes. In 2014, when she was enjoying the fame that she had also given her her performance in the tape burying my exanother opportunity presented itself.

A Alexandra Daddario he was offered a supporting role in the hit series True Detectivewhich already had well-known figures such as Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Monaghan Y Michael Potts. For the young actress it was an inalienable opportunity.

Though Alexandra She had a secondary role in the series and participated in only four episodes, which served to place her in a special place among Hollywood stars, after rubbing shoulders with high-caliber actors. From that stage she was profiled for roles in films like San Andreas, Baywatch either TheLayover.

Alexandra Daddario has gained notoriety for her beauty and ever-improving performances.

while recording True Detectivethe actress had an affair with the also actor Logan Lermanstar of The Three Musketeers. They both met on the set of Percy Jackson and they had good chemistry on and off set. They mutually broke up in 2016 due to professional commitments.

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