This was the love story of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel.

It was their representatives who were in charge of announcing in 2013 that they were separating. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel They seemed to be one of Hollywood’s strongest couples, but their marriage ended Just like they kept the rest of their relationship secretly and away from the limelight.

Each has followed their own path for a long time, though that does not mean they are unable to maintain cordial relations. It’s not common to see them together, but whenever they did, they posed for the cameras very cozily, like at the 2019 Venice Festival. The romance has fizzled out, but the admiration still lives on.

Vincent remarried to model Tina Kunakem in 2018., 30 years younger than him. It was a great ceremony held in the French city of Bidart. The couple said ‘yes, I want’ after three years of dating; They met in Ibiza and spent much of their time in Brazil, so it was little wonder that, when their first daughter was born a year later, they chose to call her Amazonie.

Bellucci, on her part, has remained single and has not remarried., She had an affair with billionaire Telman Ismailov and was also linked to French gallery owner Nicolas Lefebvre, but no partners were detected in 2019, as of 2022. Tim Burton film directorWith whom she has been seen very close.

“I would like to convey the same message to my daughters so that they know about Husband or partner is not mandatory, Loneliness shouldn’t scare us,” she told Vanity Fair after the divorce.

Relationship of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

Until they split, Monica and Vincent starred in one of Hollywood’s typical magical love stories. Couple Fell in love while shooting for the film Flash Backwhich was called El Apartmento in Spanish in 1996, and about Monica, the French actor said that “It Was My First True Love”,

Three years later they were suddenly married in Monaco and later had a reception two daughters alike Married, Deva (who has just turned 18) and Leonie (13). In 2013, after fourteen years of marriage, the couple divorced, confirming long-standing rumors of a rift between the couple.

It was even said that the reason for the separation was the actress’ infidelity, which he denied and told Vanity Fair that the reasons for their divorce were more mundane. “We are two individuals developing in different directions”, he said after the separation became public. “Love doesn’t die, it changes. Many things may change, but our family remains untouched.”

A few months before the breakup came to light, Monica told during an interview that she does not believe in loyalty. “I believe in love that interests me, but not in loyalty”, he explained to La Repubblica. “I believe in the loyalty of the heart and I have doubts about the loyalty of the body. Betrayal of the body is less serious”.


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