This was the meeting between The Hunger Games stars Rachel Zegler and Jennifer Lawrence

Rachel Zegler humorously shares about her first meeting with former hero Jennifer Lawrence hunger games,

actress rachel zeigler lucy gray baird In songbirds and snakes songand Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen’s interpreter in previous installments. hunger gamesIn the same year, they met in person for the first time paris fashion week,

Rachel Ziegler shared her encounter through social networks, publishing a video in which it is not very clear what is happening, but with it she wrote that Jennifer Lawrence was like a mother to her, as well as to the entire generation .

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This week, the hero of songbirds and snakes song has been through the program kelly clarkson show And talks in more depth about meeting the star hunger games,

“We were at Paris Fashion Week for the show dior Just a few weeks ago,” he explained lucy gray baird actress, “I didn’t want to be awkward. I was just pushing myself to talk to her. She was incredibly kind.”

What Really Happened When Rachel Ziegler Met Jennifer Lawrence?

Then, the host of the program showed the video that he published Rachel ZieglerIn which we saw two actresses posing and laughing, and he wanted an interpreter to explain the joke.

“In that clip, (Jennifer Lawrence) was actually saying: “Let’s take another photo in which I strangle you and tell you that you will never take this role from me!” Rachel Ziegler revealed. “And that’s what I wanted from her.”

lucy gray baird story The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes passing through 60 decades ago about the events they experienced Katniss Everdeen In previous films, it was therefore practically impossible for Jennifer Lawrence to compete with Rachel Ziegler on screen.

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