This was the strategy that the police followed to stop him.

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Last friday january 20 it became known that Daniel Alves had been arrested and taken to a prison in barcelonaSpain, after he appeared to testify for the alleged sexual assault of which he was accused, several days later he made himself known how was the strategy which the police followed to arrest him.

What strategy did the police follow to be able to arrest Dani Alves?

According to the medium ‘nius’“the Mossos d’Escuadra they followed his movements (by Dani Alves) discreetlyhis matches with the Pumas and his messages on social networks with the sole interest of knowing if the athlete I was returning to Barcelona at some point” in order to stop it.

The same medium details that at that time, the investigators of the case already had the testimony of the victim images of the nightclub security cameras where the attack would have occurred and with the testimonials from several local workers confirming the victim’s account, the medical report and the statement of two women.

It is important to mention that after what happened in the Barcelonathe Brazilian left Spain and returned to Mexico to report with PumasIt was at that moment that “the investigation was shielded“, this with the aim of the Brazilian “refusing to step on Spanish soil again so as not to be arrested”, although the investigators were confident that at some point he would return to the country.

The agents took advantage of the early return of Daniel Alves to Spain due to the complicated state of health and subsequent death of her mother-in-law to inform her that “by protocol, He had to appear before the authorities to give a statement.”a fact that was agreed to be in private and so the police will not show up at your house.

Because the former Barcelona player changed his story up to three times, the judge decreed his entry into provisional prison. It should be noted that it was until that moment that the player learned of all the evidence that had been gathered against him for almost 20 days.

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