This was the time that Professor Jirafales from “El Chavo del 8” was discriminated against in real life

The character of Professor Jirafales interpreted by Ruben Aguirre was one of the most emblematic in the El Chavo del 8 series. With his airs of superiority within the neighborhood and his seductive techniques with Doña Florinda, he managed to win the affection of the public through the years in which he recorded the series, which endures to this day.

The role of Professor Jirafales lasted throughout the seven years that the Mexican comedy was broadcast live, however his career did not end in the best way. After suffering a car accident with his wife and due to many medical expenses, he was confined to living in poverty. Because of the accident, the wife of Ruben Aguirre one leg had to be amputated; but Professor Jirafales It didn’t go any better either, he was forever in a wheelchair.


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