This was the trolling of Toni Kroos for the statue of Kun Agüero


Who is the statue of? This Friday, the Manchester City unveiled the statue outside the Etihad Stadium In honor to Sergio the “Kun” Aguero. However, a substantial number of fans noted that the statue did not capture in its entirety the resemblance with the top scorer in the history of Manchester City, but rather invoked more the presence of Tony Kroos.

Are you sure it’s Kun Agüero?

The statue, work of the sculptor Andy Silva now accompanies others dedicated to club legends such as players of the stature of Vincent Kompany and David “Chino” Silva. The statue is made up of thousands of welded pieces of galvanized steel.

At the time of being revealed, the work received comments for and against through social networks. However, some of the comments with the greatest presence were those that pointed out the lack of resemblance to the idol of the Manchester City. Emphasizing that he bears a greater resemblance to the midfielder of the Real Madrid: Tony Kroos.

To add fuel to the fire, arose a tweet by the same Tony Krooswho responded to a post by BBC journalist Simon Stone, who wrote: “Sergio is here”next to a photo of the statue of the Kun Aguero. what the German replied: “Are you sure?”

Regardless of whether or not the majority of citizen fans liked the tribute, it is a reality that theThe statue does reflect a certain resemblance to Toni Kroos. The Kun Aguero said goodbye to Manchester City being the greatest scorer in its history and after having conquered five titles of premier league.

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