this was their relationship on the set of The Gray Man


The former Captain America and the Cuban actress met in 2019 with Knives Out. This was their reunion on the Netflix screen, before the premiere of Ghosted on Apple TV +.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas' relationship during The Gray Man.
© GettyChris Evans and Ana de Armas’ relationship during The Gray Man.

The big bet Netflix by 2022 it is already part of its catalog. We talk about The Gray Manthe film directed by the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo which came to set a record as the most expensive in the entire history of the streaming platform. With a millionaire budget, the plot unfolds in pure action and leaves almost no respite to contemplate some kind of love relationship. However, for a long time a good part of the audience has speculated on a potential relationship between two of its protagonists, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. How did you really get along on set?

The rumor started when in 2019 they presented Knives Out, the film available on Netflix in which she played Marta Cabrera, while he played the role of Hugh Ransom Drysdale. His chemistry on screen was undeniable and fans quickly deduced that something else could happen with this duo of artists. It did not take long to repeat itself: in addition to her work together to The Gray Manboth met this year for the filming of ghosted. It is a romantic tape that will very soon have its premiere on Apple TV +.

The images of Ana de Armas and Chris Evans kissing on the set, as part of the next film that they will release together, excited their loyal fans. But although they make a beautiful couple, the truth is that at the moment they are just great friends. They demonstrated this last month during the presentation of The Gray Man, a production that has them both as protagonists. Although they do not share too many scenes in the original Netflix film, they did have time to meet behind the scenes or give some interviews.

“I came to the United States barely speaking English and just dreaming that maybe one day I could be part of a project like this and twork with someone like Chris Evans, began by saying Ana de Armas in dialogue with Excelsior. And she maintained: “This is my life now. Being able to call him my colleague, my co-star or my friend is surreal. I can only feel happy, proud and glad that I have never stopped”.

The Cuban actress was quick to remark how the first meeting with the former Captain America was: “I got to know Chris little by little and I must confess that in Knives Out I was a bit intimidated by him. However, we have had the opportunity to work on several projects. It is very rare that you can work with one person more than once. I feel that we both understand each other, that we have the same energy and that we agree on the things we likewhich attracts us the same of a project”. What do you think of Chris Evans as a performer? It is very clear: “I couldn’t stop watching Defending Jacob, I watched every episode like a maniac. He just thought: ‘Damn, Chris is a very good actor’. I hoped that everyone would see his work, I felt very proud of him and of having this camaraderie with Chris”.

Evans recently revealed that he was looking for a partner with whom to share life. Although his focus is on love, with Ana de Armas he has nothing but admiration and respect: “She has amazing visibility, she’s a phenomenal actress, she has incredible energy on set, everyone loves her and he is one of those people with whom you feel very lucky to be able to work. Now it happens to me very often that I read a script and think: ‘If Ana weren’t so busy…’”.

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