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LOS40 list It is full of history. There are tons of artists who have graced our rankings every week and set musical trends for every phase of the year. Like every Saturday at Dell 40 Al 1 Studio, we got on the time machine Take a trip back in time and remember which artists were No. 1 on our list in previous years.

In 2022, such artists managed to become leaders in the list, who do not need any introduction. they are Weird And quevedo with BZRP Music Session #52, which undoubtedly became the anthem of the summer. A year later, he continues to turn any meeting between friends into a real party.

we go even further back in time to reach there Waistthe subject of alvaro solar Which was also the musical soul of the hottest months of the year in 2018. It didn’t take long for it to rise to the top of our list! His title was not given in vain, and the fact that the artist himself admits that dancing is not his thing, is the reason why he wanted to turn his back to the hero of this international hit. “I feel my waist hit by my culture. I stumble through the sand, I can’t control myself anymore,” some of his verses say.

A subject full of sensuality that became the great hero of our list in 2013 blurred lines Any of you, Pharrell Williams And Robin Thicke, An infectious rhythm and a great melody are heard along with the person you want to seduce.

who did not support everything Mercy Of Duffy, The singer’s unmistakable voice was number 1 on the LOS40 list in 2008. But we also can’t ignore the song that took the international scene by storm and, of course, rose to the top of our list in 2003: Crazy in Love Of Beyoncé, Keep making history on the charts.

This week we say goodbye to the time machine with two soulful songs. is the first train Of take offWhich won gold from LOS40 list in 1998. Great Gloria Estefan and his my land He conquered us in 1993 as well. What a journey of emotions!

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