This week – Javier García Arevalillo’s recommendations for the weekend include Diplomat and Rapa

Our specialist in header series, Javier Garcia Arevalillo, brings to us a new series of recommendations to start the second half of August off in the best possible way.

The series is first on García Arevalillo’s list as “one of the great surprises of 2023” and is called diplomat. It begins with an attack in which forty British Navy soldiers are killed and so, the United Kingdom screams for revenge. In this context, the United States appoints the wife of a struggling ambassador as their country’s ambassador to London, and the entire plot takes place from there. with Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell As the protagonist we are going to see many personal struggles, back stabbings, meetings that are not what they seem…

“rap”, One of the best Spanish series of the year, is now premiering its second season. It is a thriller about the investigation of a murder which in both cases has social and political connotations within. Galicia Deep and coastal which plays a special role.

“Best Western from start to finish,” comments Arevalillo. “English“, the third title on his list. Emily Blunt, Joe also appears on Oppenheimer, starring here in a series that is “a clear expression of how the genre has evolved while paying tribute to the best Westerns in history.” The plot is based on the story of a British woman who has just lost her son and seeks revenge on the man she believes is the culprit. From England, he heads west and is determined, but immediately falls into the trap of one of the henchmen of this man, whom he seeks revenge on, and escapes thanks to an Indian, who is a US Army licensee. receiving officer. And hence, it is despised by both Indians and Americans. So Indian and British women will team up to find the villain of the story.

And the last recommendation for this weekend is “New EmployeeAccording to Arevalillo, it is “a very fresh, very original story.” It describes the ups and downs of a lawyer whose first job after completing his degree is as a legal advisor in the CIA. What may seem like a quiet job at the bar slowly turns into a nightmare as she has to pull the strings of a potential former colleague who is in jail and threatens to reveal sensitive secrets and prevent her from He will have to risk his life.

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