This will be a biopic of a great singer – rock and pop

Pablo Larrain Angelina Jolie

Pablo Larrain Angelina Jolie

Pablo Larrain is preparing to begin production on his long-awaited new film with Angelina Jolie. Chilean director to work with Oscar winner on his next project It will already have the date and location of the filming.

this is a new biopic will be the final part of her film trilogy about important women in history and pop culture. must remember what they made movies about before Jackie Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Pablo Larraín’s film with Angelina Jolie

as reported budapest reporter, Pablo Larrain will soon start recording his film with Angelina Jolie. The director and actress will travel to the Hungarian city of Budapest for the debut Filming in the country during October.

there will be a movie Biographical film on famous opera singer Maria CallasConsidered one of the most important opera singers of the 20th century. Maria This is the name of the new film which will tell his story beyond fame focused on the personal difficulties they facedar.

he will have a movie with angelina jolie Pablo Larraín’s third biographical film Tells about an important woman in history. Earlier, he directed Jackie with Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy and wig With Kristen Stewart as Diana of Wales. Thus, he called it the conclusion of his trilogy of biographies about great women.

has since become One of the most awaited for movie loversAnd. and it’s the same Natalie Portman and Kristen Stewart were both nominated for Best Actress Oscars for their performances in the Pablo Larrain directorial. In such a situation, there are high expectations regarding the work of Angelina Jolie.

Maria Callas

However, first Maria, We will have another film from a Chilean director. His new film this year… count, An allegory about Chile in which Augusto Pinochet never died.

Prior to its premiere on the streaming service, The film will premiere at a major film festival.

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