This will be the new lifestyle of Georgina Rodríguez in Saudi Arabia

After his participation with the Portugal National Team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and after his departure from Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo achieved a multi-million dollar contract with Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia.

The 37-year-old striker will continue his football career in the Middle East, which translates into the imminent transfer of the entire family to Saudi Arabia and hence, a new lifestyle.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner will move to a residence strategically located near the training ground of Al Nassrin Riyadh; in the company of his five children and his partner, the model and influencer Georgina Rodríguez.

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This will be the new lifestyle of Georgina Rodríguez in Saudi Arabia

One of the big unknowns is if Georgina will be able to live under the same roof as Cristiano without having married, as the local laws they prohibit the coexistence of a couple if there is no marriage involved.

Although ‘El Bicho’ and ‘Gio’ have shown their interest in uniting matrimonial ties, the truth is that there are no wedding plans yet. However, this will not be a problem during your stay in Saudi Arabia, even with the sharia in between.

According to an interview conducted by EFE to two Saudi lawyers, “There are several options for Georgina to come to the kingdom, one of them is that he comes personally sponsored by Al Nassr, with a visa issued separately, and can reside wherever he wants”; while the second option would be obtain a one-year tourist visa, which allows you to reside in the country for 90 days in a row on each visit”.

Although there are possibilities that the couple could live together without being married, The truth is that experts point out that “The Police no longer investigate or persecute anyone” thus. In addition, the situation of Georgina and Critstiano is not new, Well, several former professional players have enjoyed special treatment when living with their partners.

“Thank you very much Saudi Arabia for such an incredible welcome. We are very excited about this new adventure with Al-Nassr FC and would like to thank everyone who made it happen. I am so grateful to see you super excited and walking, hand in hand, in the same direction towards a bright future. Always together with our beautiful family”, The model pointed out through her social networks.

So that the change of residence is not so abrupt, It will take a while for Georgina and the children to move permanently to Saudi Arabia, Well, the couple wants this new adaptation be given progressively.

According to various reports, The CR7 family will have all the comforts and luxuries possible, well they will receive “Personalized attention at all times and your home will have security 24 hours a day.”

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