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If there is a telephone, a smartphone known throughout the world and by everyone, it is the iPhone. Apple’s marketing level is sublime, the hardware is more and more in line with what is expected by price and the segmentation into ranges has increased to four versions, with the iPhone 14 being the most basic. Google has been trying to do something similar for years and will continue to push, since it has ready the successor to the Pixel 6a, which will be a direct rival to the Apple model described: the Pixel 7aWhat novelties will it bring and at what price will it be sold?

We recently talked about a survey of thousands of users where they voted for the best camera for a mobile phone and, surprising or not, the winner was the Pixel 6a. And is that Google is doing a great job with its three phones. Now comes the successor of this to offer the best in quality and pricebut will he get it one more time?

Google Pixel 7a: news and changes

Offer the best possible features within a tight budget. There the “a” range of the Pixels competes and there Google is passing “its hand over the face” to Apple. Those from Cupertino sell status, those from Santa Clara sell a more complete set for a lower price and there the Pixel 7a not only competes with those of the bitten apple, it will also do so with niche brands in the low price sector such as Xiaomi.

In a tweet, a user named as @chunvn8888, apparently Vietnamese, has shown a video where he carries the new Pixel 7a and some of its novelties. Starting with the aesthetic section, it seems that the design of the Pixel 6a has been liked so much that Google plans to use it again in this new version, saving step costs.

This means two rear cameras with flash, a central camera for selfies, a size of 6.1 inches with only 8.9mm thick and possibly a screen resolution of 1,080×2,400 pixels with 429 dpi HDR capable.

The news will apparently focus on two key aspects: its new Tensor G2 processor that will receive an update (there is no exact leak in this regard) and incidentally, the screen is updated from 60 Hz to 90 Hz, allowing you to exchange both settings with a button to save battery if necessary.

Dual SIM and a new mode


The phone will be compatible with Dual SIMsomething that many will appreciate and will also have a new “Screen saver mode”, which apparently improves the sensitivity of the same, we assume that for when we use the smartphone with gloves or similar.

Regarding availability and price, we expect Google to present it at CES 2023, but this is something that is losing strength every hour because the company does not seem to make an appearance. Therefore, it could be in an exclusive event of the brand after these dates. Regarding the price, rumors suggest that Google wants to repeat the game of the Pixel 6a with this Pixel 7a, marking a cost of $449.99 of departure and lowering the price later to $399.99 after a while.

The Pixel 6a has come to cost $349 at specific times, although it recently rose to $400, perhaps the announcement of the Pixel 7a and its price will again throw the cost of its younger brother. In any case, its release to the market seems close and its price will once again be “contained” for everything it offers, possibly being the best Android OS on the market.

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