‘Thor’ Star Natalie Portman Suggests Why She Was Cast Alongside Chris Hemsworth

It could be assumed that Natalie Portman was cast in the Thor series strictly for his acting talent, but the actor suggests there is more to the story. Now in the home stretch before Thor: love and thunder premieres, Portman joked about how he landed the coveted role opposite Chris Hemsworth.

The actor is no stranger to action tents.

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Natalie Portman was only 11 years old when she auditioned for the Luc Besson film. Leon: the professional. Despite a complete lack of film experience, Portman landed the part in what would become one of the most celebrated action movies of the 1990s. Lion It was none other than Michael Mann’s Heatanother ’90s action titan that has been accorded near-legendary status in the decades since its release.

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