Those who pre-order Astro Bot in GAME for PlayStation 5 receive exclusive DLC as a gift

Do you want to accept a bot? Then you can’t miss Astro Bot for PlayStation 5, which is already in stock in GAME stores with DLC including a lot of additional content for the game as an exclusive gift.

Astro Bot Coming to PS5 in September, State of Play Confirmed Asobi returns with adventure from Star away from PSVR and PS VR2. Now in A GAME give you the opportunity to book an adventure with Addition from present.

Your favorite robot hero is back! You can’t miss Astrobot for PlayStation 5a new Astro adventure that brings out the best in your Dualsense console and lets you experience everything Sony console power!

But get a copy of Astro’s new adventure In their stores you get exclusive additional content for the game only in GAME.

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When the PS5 mothership is attacked by eternal galactic enemy Astri, destroying its circuits and scattering the crew across space, only a robot can solve the problem!

This is his biggest mission to date, so he needs all the help he can get to rescue his lost crew and restore the ship.

Who’s ready to join, dear robot hero Astro in a new adventure available on PlayStation 5 next September?

This Astro Bot exclusive DLC contains:

  • Charming outfit by PaRappa lyricist for ASTRO*
  • Gorgeous graffiti color for Dual Speeder*
  • 2 ASTRO PSN avatars

We remember that the icon

This means you need to progress through the game to unlock each one, so they won’t be available from the start of the adventure. And that is not all! Because with physical edition of Astro Bot

available on GAME, you will also receive an exclusive poster for the game, it’s the perfect addition and you can’t miss it!

Make the most of Astro’s new power-ups, carefully designed to enhance your immersion. This time there are bouncy kicks and rockets, even a giant sponge! Get ready to liveAn incredible adventure with Astro in this sequel with Astro Bot for PS5

Pre-order now from GAME so you don’t miss out on exclusive DLC with additional content for the game!

What I love most is the fun, authentic and masterful entertainment that the new Astro Bot offers.For many, the platforms are the quintessential video game as a form of entertainment, and I think Astro Bot will give us a lot of quality.

“, we said in our impressions of the game. Astro Bot for PlayStation 5 will go on sale on September 6 next year

and you can now pre-order from GAME to get these exclusive additions.

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