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If you are one of the last stragglers who has not yet been able to order a surprise gift from the Three Wise Men for your son, grandson or nephew, then you are in luck because we have a secret to tell you: board games are a sure hit for the youngest. little ones in the house

Board games have experienced, since confinement, a great boom among children and adults. So much so, that it is not difficult to find one on almost all children’s and adults’ wish lists for Christmas.
And it is that, according to a survey carried out by the firm Novakid and carried out with 500 families to analyze their preferences, the favorite activity of children is board games (better than video games). At least, this was confirmed by 57% of the parents surveyed, who stated that their children combat boredom at home by playing board games or enjoying a movie.
Something very positive because, among others, board games are perfect for stimulating various aspects of the personality of children, such as concentration, reasoning or logic. And, furthermore, depending on the game we choose, we will be able to choose which areas we want to promote, since there are those expressly designed for one or the other (just as there are board games designed for different ages).
As if this were not enough, board games are a perfect source of quality family time: when we play, it is necessary to completely forget about the mobile and any distraction worth its salt, since it is convenient to be concentrated. And, thus, parents forget about all their obligations to focus on the game they are playing with their little ones.

Something that is very beneficial for them, because when they are older they will remember those moments of fun together more than any material gift we can give them.

We know that we are only a few days away from their Majesties of the East going through all the houses to leave packages for the little ones, so it is the perfect moment to review which are those board games that are succeeding among children.

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