Those who want me dead, Angelina Jolie in the thriller on Infinity + in Premiere

Angelina Jolie is a forest ranger in the thriller Those Who Want Me Dead, streamed on Infinity + in Premiere, at no additional cost.

Those who want me dead it’s a thriller with Angelina Jolie, available in streaming in Premiere on Infinity + for a week, from 13 to 19 August: the film will therefore be viewable at no additional cost for the rental, only for subscribers to the service.
Taylor Sheridan’s feature film is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Koryta of 2014, published in Italy by Piemme. The person who “wants dead” in the title is 12-year-old Connor (Finn Little), an awkward witness at whose heels are two killers, played by Nicholas Hoult And Aidan Gillen. Fled to the woods, Connor ends up being protected by forest ranger Hannah Faber (Angelina Jolie), a woman who is trying to work through trauma and will find herself having to do it very quickly, not least because the region is facing a huge fire
In an interview with ETOnline, Angelina Jolie stated, speaking of the protagonist of Those who want me dead: “I am attracted to characters who find themselves broken after going through some experiences, who are looking for a way to overcome the trauma and move on. Playing someone like that helps you. […] There is a limit to how much you can break, then you get up. “
Director Taylor Sheridan has always seen Angelina as the only possible protagonist. He told the South China Morning Post: “I said, if I can get Angie with me, I’ll tell you. […] We shot it like a 1970s movie. They advertised it as a 1970s movie. The most modern element is that you can watch it in streaming. […] The character kind of pulled Angie into a emotional hell, and I dragged her into a physical hell! […] She was in the game. It was cold. And me: immerse yourself in the river. And she: ok, I dive into the river. ”
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