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In these times of honesty, many people may have given up on the usual desire to live the life of a celebrity they admire. And the confessions of many people have made it clear that they are famous but also human beings like any unknown person.

In recent years, there has been a very recurring case of celebrities from cinema, music and even sports who have shared that they suffer from the famous obsessive-compulsive disorder, called OCD, which Defined as a mental state consisting of thoughts, obsessions. And rituals, again and again.

These interfere in the lives of those who suffer from it, without controlling or stopping it.

Thoughts, passions and values ​​fill the lives of many celebrities.
Lele Pons

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The most recent case is that of singer and influencer Lele Pons, who explained her OCD condition in detail in an interview for Chante Yedrach’s YouTube channel.

The Venezuelan woman, young, beautiful, full of successes and recently married to the singer Guyana, said that her passion is that she has to turn off the water when she goes to the bathroom, but as it is defined, it Is a “good thing”. From his mind.

He said that these OCD rituals, which vary from person to person, make you feel like you’re saving the world if you perform them, or something. Lele confessed that she also suffers from Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder that manifests as multiple motor and vocal tics.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) also affects the life of former footballer David Beckham, who has confessed that, among other things, he needs to clean the house when his family sleeps. All things should be arranged in a straight line and they should always be even.

“When I put soft drinks in the refrigerator, they have to be in even numbers; If they’re odd, I remove one and put it in a different cabinet. If I go to a hotel, before I rest I have to put all the pamphlets and books in the room in a drawer. “Everything has to be flawless,” he said.

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David Beckham

But David and Lele are not the only ones with this condition, as actress Megan Fox also suffers from OCD and brings her own cutlery to restaurants and never uses a public bathroom.

Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio suffer from the same thing and are obsessed with cleanliness and order
Actress Jessica Alba, who is obsessed with not being able to sleep in any bed other than her own, also confessed to bringing her own sheets to avoid the hassle of staying in hotels.

Aniston, Naomi and Roberto Carlos

Another actor who lives with OCD is Jennifer Aniston, whose obsession is that she never shares the bathroom with another person, so she has a bathroom in her house for her exclusive use that no visitor can enter. Is.

Model Naomi Cambell is affected by this disorder and reports that before embarking on a flight she wears plastic gloves and wipes down everything she might touch with disinfectant, from her assigned seat and television screen to travel pillows. Are. He then covers his seat with a cover that is hand-washed in every hotel he stays at and continues the entire journey with a mask.

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Jennifer Aniston

Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos was encouraged to talk about this disorder and revealed that this is the reason he only wears white or light blue clothes.

Both the clothes of the people assisting you and the microphone cable you use should be those colors. He always leaves through the same door through which he entered. He never begins singing sessions or album recording in August, nor does he sign contracts on the waning moon. He never says words like “chance,” “lie,” “hell” or “bad.” Everything in your dressing room should be white and brought from Brazil.

“I wish I hadn’t done that. In fact, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a very complex thing,” he said in an interview.

When the famous Canadian comedian, actor and producer Howie Mandel confessed that he suffers from OCD, he said that when he leaves his house he feels that the door is not closed properly, sometimes he goes to check it. Then go back to your car. , he gets suspicious and goes back. He gets out of the car and examines it, and this happens 10 times, to the extent that last time he almost broke the handle.

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Naomi Campbell

Mandel will not shake anyone’s hand unless wearing latex gloves, and he has admitted that his shaved head is not related to natural hair loss, but to OCD, because the lack of hair makes him feel clean. .

stress factor

Pedro Reyes, general psychologist, with a master’s degree in Neuropsychology, defines Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as a personality disorder characterized by patterns of thoughts and fears that become repetitive attitudes or behaviors that people ’s life, I would say. Who experience high levels of anxiety, restlessness and fear.

Regarding what could be the factors due to which OCD is abundant in many famous personalities, he explains that the one that has come up the most is stress. Various reports have shown how, starting in 2021, there has been a significant increase in diagnoses of obsessive-compulsive disorder, relating it to the traumatic experience of the pandemic and higher levels of anxiety, sadness and isolation.


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