Threats to make them leave the gym: the complaint

I was threatened. They want me to leave the gym“. To speak is Cira Celotto, the personal trainer of the “Le Ali di Scampia” social gym which is located in the multipurpose center dedicated to Gelsomina Verde, an innocent victim of the Camorra.

In Naples Today, the young instructor said: “I have been under threat and intimidation for weeks now. Not to mention the insults to which I and my family are subjected. Phone calls and anonymous messages, dog droppings on the gym doors, flat car wheels, some of my photos set on fire … these are just some of the things I have suffered in the last few weeks“.

I was told – explains – to resign from my business and to be careful when I walk the street alone. It really all seems so absurd to me. I do this job with passion and I help many women to bring out the best of themselves through sport. I don’t understand all this hatred towards me“.

“I’m afraid, but no step back”

Cira does not know who can hide behind these episodes, but announces that she will soon report everything to the Carabinieri. Meanwhile – he promises – he has no intention of leaving his business: “Some episodes, which occurred in the past, have already been reported to the police and soon a new complaint will be presented. However, now I’m afraid“.

I am afraid for myself, my husband and my daughters. I am afraid for some of my collaborators, who have also been victims of unpleasant episodes. I’m afraid for ‘my’ girls. But despite everything I go forward, I don’t back down. I will not give it to anyone who is trying to throw me out of the gym, for some reason. In life I have overcome something else and I do not intend to take steps back”, He concludes.

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