Three Kings Day: “Guess who?” and 5 board games that refuse to die into oblivion

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What is it like to play without a screen in front of our face? Technology has advanced so much that we went from playing poker in apps 10 years ago, to having car and even airplane simulators. But there is nothing wrong with turning your face to the past and because it is Three Kings Day, we present to you Guess Who and 5 other board games that refuse to die.

Maybe it happened to you, but with my cousins ​​there were Christmases in which we stayed until 6 in the morning not with a full glass of rum and soda, but with a pair of dice to find out who won at Monopoly. The final tie was the fairest when yawning took over our faces because the games lasted hours.

What board games refuse to die into oblivion?

Today life is different. Those board games take up only one space in our houses. There are some who refuse to die, probably the most famous. If you are from the new generations, then we present you an old way of having fun, without the need for a controller, a console and a screen. Just a board and luck.

Guess who

Is that you Sherlock? This game had the objective of describing your opponent’s character while discarding physical characteristics and you had to do it before your opponent. He could ask her hair color or if she wore glasses. According to Hasbro, it is ideal for two people and can be played by those ages 6 and up.


If you feel like moving your body a bit, this is your option. Maybe in the end you need a massage, but this game has two movements: feet or hands where the wheel indicates. Two and more people over 6 years old can also participate.


Good old days when you went to the market toy store for your double board game. But first let’s talk about the goose, that board impregnated in a simple cardboard that made you feel angry or happy. With 63 squares, you had to advance to the end according to the number that came up on the dice, although in each of them there could be gifts or punishments to make it difficult for you to win.

Snakes and Ladders

This other game was just on the other side of the goose. That’s why it was a 2×1. Its objective is also simple, you must reach the final square, but be careful because a ladder can save you several squares, while some snakes will take you as far down as possible.

crazy fleas

Don’t worry, they won’t get on your body. It is a game where in a lady that jumps, you must catch the fleas of the color that has touched you. It can be played between 2 or 3 players. The only disadvantage is that it needs batteries because without the movement everything would be very simple.


Who today aspires to be a surgeon, surely had one of these games in childhood. It is about a man in a bed from whom you must remove organs and bones so that the patient improves within a limited time. It is ideal for one person per shift.

Now you know that beyond Guess who, there are other board games that refuse to die into oblivion and on this Three Kings Day it may be an option to ask for them because the old is in fashion.

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