Three people are arrested for the case of a drowned child in Caipi de San Francisco de Macorís

The National Police arrested three women for the death of a one-year-old and nine-month-old boy, identified as Maikel Esmil Álvarez, in an Early Childhood Care Center (Caipi), located in the Pueblo Nuevo sector of San Francisco de Macorís , Duarte province.

After the arrest, reported by local media, the detainees were transferred to the northeast staff of the National Police.

Death It occurred earlier this month, when the infant allegedly drowned in a bucket, where he would have remained for several hours before being found.

Likewise, relatives of the minor assured various media outlets in San Francisco de Macorís that the child’s death was caused by “carelessness”, since when he was taken to the health center he was “black, purple”.


After reporting the death National Institute for Early Childhood Care (Inaipi) reported that they are investigating the circumstances of the tragedy, affirming through a statement that when they have the results they will assess the responsibilities and consequences.

Days later, more than 30 Caipi employees were questioned, where Maikel Esmil died.


For its part, the National Federation of Working Women (Fenamutra) stated that a person cannot be charged with the death of a minor, because it is a systemic problem of the Inaipi.

Expressing his solidarity with the parents of Maikel Esmil, Fenamutra stated that the minor’s death is the result of deficiencies in the management of these establishments.

Ruth Díaz, president of the entity, asserted that among these deficiencies, the fact that the infanta drowned in a bucket because in that center there is no water in the pipes, which forces its staff to use instruments such as buckets and cans to store the liquid.

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