Three selections for the last ticket! This is how the Conmebol position table was for Qatar 2022


Uruguay and Ecuador they became new guests at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. This Thursday they got their tickets. The light blue after beating Peru 1-0.

On the other hand, Ecuador lost 3-1 to Paraguay, but despite that they qualified and there are already 19 teams qualified for the World Cup in Asia.

Uruguay becomes gigantic in the Centenary and with the help of Diego Alonso qualifies for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Now, on the part of Conmebol, one ticket remains and it is for the playoff. That quota will be fought for by three teams, Peru, Colombia and Chile.

The Peruvians have the last invitation and it depends on themselves to be in Qatar. They add 21 units and in the defining day they will face the eliminated Paraguay.

Reinaldo Rueda’s Colombia clings to the miracle, adds 20 units and needs Peru not to win or tie to qualify for the World Cup. On the last day they face Venezuela as a visitor.

Uruguay and Ecuador join: There are only 13 places left: All those qualified for Qatar 2022

Chile has it more complicated, they need Peru not to win and Colombia to tie or lose, since they only have 19 units. On the defining date it will be measured at home against Uruguay.

This is how the last day will be played in Conmebol
Peru vs. Paraguay
Ecuador vs. Argentina
Venezuela vs Colombia
Chile vs. Uruguay
Bolivia vs. Brazil

*All games are next Wednesday at 5:30 PM*


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