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The 74th edition of the Emmy Awardswhich are awarded to the best of television, were held several days ago, with hbo max winning several of the awards thanks to its stellar Last Week Tonight, The White Lotus, Hacks and Euphoria, even if Better Call Saul and Succession, they left with somewhat more empty hands than was estimated.

HBO It has in its repertoire many great series, very successful and winners of many awards. Among them is Game of Thrones, which kept millions of viewers hooked on the television during its eight seasons, or another classic of the chain such as The Sopranos, which was a commercial success, with the public and with critics, being which won 21 Emmy Awards. Now we tell you about other great winning series that are on the platform:

Six Feet Under

Being one of the best black comedies out there, Six Feet Under It premiered in 2001 and had five seasons. “Surrounded by irony and dark humor, the show deals with the subject of death through the eyes of the Fisher family, who own and operate a funeral home in Los Angeles. Nate, who is reluctant to the idea, becomes a partner in the business after his father dies. Nate has two brothers, David Fisher who is in charge of embalming and preparing the bodies for the wake, he hides his sexual tendencies for a long time since he prefers men and the younger sister, Clarie Fisher who is the family’s alternative artist. , has nothing to do with his family business but expresses it in his art”, the synopsis tells us.

In its five seasons, the popular series managed to win nine Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes.

Boardwalk Empire

This series with a cast led by Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon and has had the participation of Charlie Cox and Jeffrey Wright.among other renowned actors, is a drama series set in the 1920s.

The series, which is inspired by true events about the relevant characters of Atlantic City and the events of a time of much turmoil, received 18 Emmy Award nominations.

The Newsroom

The Newsroom is one of the best proposals on journalism. “The series tells the story of the news writing team of a television network. Journalist Will McAvoy is a news anchor. On his return from vacation, after a professional setback, he finds that many of his colleagues have requested a transfer. In addition, his boss hired his ex-girlfriend as an executive producer: Mackenzie McHale, who brings with her changes that generate more than one headache. During the development of the plot, coverage of real events is included to make the story more credible, ”says the synopsis.

This drama has three seasons, with a main cast made up of Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Dev Patel, Olivia Munn and Sam Waterson; Jane Fonda also participates as a guest actress. The series was nominated for multiple Emmy nominations, and Jeff Daniels won for Best Actor on Television in 2014.

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