Thus was born the rivalry between the Querétaro bar and the Atlas bar, who caused a tragedy in Mexico


The mexican soccer was stained this weekend by the violence in the stadiums.

This Saturday the Queretaro was measured against Atlas by MX League and near the 60th minute the game was stopped due to a confrontation between the bars of both teamswhich ended with dozens of injured fans.

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At the moment 26 people are reported injured and no deceased, said this Sunday the governor of the central state of QueretaroMauricio Kuri.

The question that many are now asking is: How did the rivalry between the bars the Queretaro (The Resistance) and Atlas (Bar 51)?

It all started back in 2007. Los Gallos del Queretaro They were fighting not to descend, so they went with everything for a victory on the last date of the tournament against Atlas.

The red and black team did not play anything in this commitment. The game was on April 29 at the Jalisco stadium, which celebrated Nicolás Olivera’s double, which he sent to the Queretaro to the extinct Primera A.

At the end of the match the worst happened. The Albiazul Resistance and the Barra 51 del Atlas met on the outskirts of the stadium and there was a tremendous pitched battle that left several wounded and arrested.

Back in 2010, Querétaro managed to get promoted to the first division and it was there that they met again with Atlas, a duel that was seen by Los Gallos fans as revenge.

The game was in Corregidora and Queretaro took the victory, but in the stands it was present again the violencewhich resulted in at least 30 people injured, several seriously.

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Due to these facts that were already being repeated a lot, Queretaro and Atlas the directives of both clubs took preventive measures and agreed to deny access to the visiting bars, but with the passage of time it was forgotten.


In 2013 another unfortunate incident was recorded. Queretaro and Atlas They collided in a key match for not descending.

The duel ended in a goalless draw, but it was a valuable point for the Atlasbecause with him they were placed above Queretaro. The Gallos supporters attacked Bar 51 with bottles, cans and stones. The police had to intervene and there were several injuries and fires outside the Jalisco stadium.

There is no doubt that there is an outbreak of violence in the mexican soccer and especially when the faces of Barra 51 and La Resistencia are seen.

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