Tiago Pinto empties Trigoria: an accommodation is also sought for Diawara

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CALCIOMERCATO ROMA CESSIONI – The work of Tiago Pinto is more and more determined in reducing the roster of Rome sending away the footballers little used by Josè Mourinho. After the farewells of Villar And Mayoral, the Giallorossi club wants to continue this project with other players ready to leave Trigoria.

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Medical examinations sustained yesterday by Calafiori for Genoa

Two footballers like Borja Mayoral And Gonzalo Villar yesterday they left Rome. As reported by Corriere dello Sport, the club yesterday formalized the loan sale of the two players until June 2022. The midfielder went away on loan while the striker will end his relationship with the Rome even if the Giallorossi retain the right of redemption from Real Madrid. Another goodbye is to Riccardo Calafiori who yesterday had medical examinations with the Genoa. The young winger will be able to play continuously also due to the injury of Andrea Cambiaso who was the owner in the role of the rossoblù team. Tiago Pinto is now busy finding accommodation for Diawara while the landing of Reynolds toAnderlecht.

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