Tibo InShape accused of racism: the Youtuber responds to the controversy

This Monday August 1, 2022, despite himself, Youtuber Tibo InShape found himself at the heart of a new controversy. Some denouncing the presence of the French flag in his gym. The companion of Juju Fitcats reacted quickly on TikTok.

New controversy for Tibo InShape. The one who made himself known thanks to his sports-related videos is frequently at the heart of controversy. For a final example, on Sunday June 5, 2022, the YouTuber was not unanimous with his video “motivation“. Indeed, the companion of Juju Fitcats held a speech that shocked many members of his community. “Damn wake up. Never mind your depression. Never mind your excuses. Never mind your broken little heart. Never mind your mental pressure . Don’t give a damn about your laziness. Don’t give a damn about your doubts. Stop being a piece of shit, being a person with no motivation. Stop wasting your life now get up right away”, he said in a video. Rapidly, the 30-year-old had found himself trending on Twitter, drowned by negative comments from Internet users. Older still, in 2019, the YouTuber had been mandated to promote the Universal National Service. A position that had earned many criticisms.

Tibo InShape accused of racism

This Monday, August 1, 2022, the YouTuber specializing in sports has been talked about again. Indeed, on his TikTok account, Tibo InShape shared a new video from his gym. Some Internet users quickly noticed the presence of the French flag. A detail that has significantly shocked some Internet users. “Tibo InShape is officially from the racist team, welcome to him!”then commented one of them.

A comment that the companion of Juju Fitcats did not wish to ignore. “How racist is it to display the French flag? You have to be proud of your country, its history and its culture. Even if France is not perfect and there are still a lot of things to improve, you shouldn’t be ashamed of being French”, thus replied the influencer in a new video shared on his TikTok account, which had attacked gratuitous nastiness on social networks. With more than 8.4 million subscribers on his TikTok account, Tibo InShape does not hesitate to carry his convictions loudly.

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