Tick-borne encephalitis alarm ‘attacks the brain in less than 15 minutes’, cases increase

An alarm has been raised for tick-borne encephalitis, a very dangerous infection for human health. 2022 could be the worst year.

There tick bite can lead to serious illness. Many public health organizations launch warnings and useful information every year. The latest study, carried out by Mach Foundation of San Michele all’Adige, publishes an appeal: 2022 could be a terrible year.

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To understand well how comewe have to take a step backand more precisely in the 2020. Gods were recorded during the pandemic more intense natural phenomenasuch as that of the pollen production. Pollen spreads every year, so that plants can reproduce. But there are some vintages in which production abounds more than usual.

L’Viral encephalitis is inflammation of the brain which can lead to very serious consequences. Encephalitis initially it can even be mistaken for flu, as it gives the same symptoms. Fundamental is discover it in timejust to avoid that it leads to irreparable damage.

The causes of the onset of this disease are various, and sometimes the precise details are not known. However, it is believed that many bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites lead to encephalitis. Especially in subjects who have le low immune defenses. The ticks they are insects that – directly or indirectly – can transmit viruses capable of also triggering encephalitis.

Tick-borne encephalitis, which is why 2022 could be the worst year of all

A interesting study carried out by Edmund Mach Foundation brought out incredible data. According to the team of experts, when the amount of pollen is very high, 2 years later there are more cases of encephalitis. The staff also identified which pollen is most implicated in this correlation: that of trees like Beech treethe hornbeam and the oaks.

But what does pollen have to do with encephalitis? Actually the question arises spontaneously. Well, a larger amount of pollen feeds certain types of rodents, which multiply “out of all proportion”. The ticksparasites that also attack this type of animals, therefore finds more “prey”. Increase so also their number and the chance of people being stung. These analyzes were carried out by the Applied Ecology Unit and the Environmental Botany Unit of the Fem Research and Innovation Center.

Encephalitis alarm 2022, how to prevent the risks

During a period between this month of May and Junethe foundation estimates that many more people will get diseases due to tick bites. These include encephalitis, Lyme disease and even rickettsiosis.

To limit as much as possible the spread of diseases caused by tick bites is something they can do organizations in charge but also i citizens. For example, very important it is check clothes and skin throughout the body after being outdoors. Catching the disease early can truly save your life.

Organizations like the Mach Foundation carefully monitor the situationboth level environmental that faunal and report the areas most at risk. Among these controls, one also appears molecular screeningwhich goes to look for the possible presence of viruses dangerous for humans.

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