TikTok. Pair of women harass a young man in the Grupo Milenio stadium

Sometimes we are not aware of the consequences that some of our attitudes may have on third parties and it is that, in order to have a good time, we neglect that human side that distinguishes us. This was what happened to a girl who only wanted to take a few photos.

Via TikTok, a woman named Pretty Jackie shared the uncomfortable and hard moment in which some women who were behind her began to harass her with a series of obscene faces and signs that managed to break his confidence.

The young woman was in what appears to be a baseball stadium. At one point she decides to take a few photos, for which she poses in her seat. A few rows back you can see two girls who begin to make rude gestures to the camera and insulting it for no reason.

“Watch my confidence disappear after these random girls make fun of me for taking pictures of me” the woman wrote in the video.

As the scene progresses, the women become more and more shameless with the sole purpose of making the young woman feel bad, who little by little was feeling more uncomfortable in the place.

“Criminally offensive side eye? She started filming me and calling me boring,” Jackie continues.

Jackie’s face grew sadder and sadder. as time passed. However, realizing that they were being recorded, the pair of women chose to calm down.

“I can literally hear the whole conversation; realizing they’re talking about me, feeling super self-aware. I want to cry“, finished.

The video racked up quickly more than 30 million reproductions and according to some reports, the women have already been located and have apologized after the case went viral. This went so viral that it was the music superstar Cardi B He spoke about it in a tweet; “I would have put that ring to use“.


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