Tiktoker Diego Efectivo claims to know how much El Salvador “paid” to host the next Miss Universe

On January 14, during the broadcast of Miss Universe, held in New Orleans, United States, the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, surprised the world by appearing in a video announcing that the country will host the next edition of the iconic beauty pageant.

Based on this, the news that the contest will be held in El Salvador was even more surprising because it goes against one of the latest rules imposed by the new owner of the contest, which raised the question of: how much did it cost El Salvador? be the headquarters?

Faced with this question, the tiktoker Diego Efectivo, whose content is related to internet businesses, has offered his opinion on the subject, assuring that he knows how much the country paid to host the Miss Universe.

As stated by Diego Efectivo in a video published on Tik Tok, the content creator assures that El Salvador would have paid between 1 and 6 million dollars to become the future venue of the pageant, based on previous Miss Universe reports.

While different users support the approach that it is a medium-term “investment” that will allow the country to recover the money invested in tourism.


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