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Jasmine Chiswell is a famous tiktoker whom many call “the Marilyn Monroe” of the platform for her physical features similar to that of the mythical American actress. Her content is viewed by some 16.4 million followers with whom she shared one of her biggest scares as a new mother.

While sharing one of her video makeup sessions, Chiswell said she was breastfeeding her one-year-old baby Midnight when he bit her very hard.

The woman recounted that the baby, who has already grown eight teeth, had bitten her before, but never with the force with which she did this time. “She was feeding him, as is often the case, very late at night, and out of nowhere, she decided to bite my nipple with all her teeth and pull,” Chiswell said.

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She added that her pain tolerance became high after the child was born, so she believed the pain was a normal consequence of the bite and went back to sleep. But she went when she woke up, the next morning, when her husband, shocked, made her realize what had happened:

“He saw that I had my shirt covered in blood, which terrified me as well,” she said. Then I saw that my nipple was hanging out and I screamed.”

The influencer reported that they had already warned her that something like that could happen, too, that if she kept the nipple in place, it would adhere again. So she decided to address the issue at home: put on a bandage and an ice pack. With that alone, she says, she recovered.

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Still, she added, she will continue to nurse the baby, although she isn’t sure if the nipple will continue to work.

However, the medical warning is that when an event like this occurs, it is best to go to medical supervision and not simply treat it at home. “If it is a severe injury or the complete loss of the nipple, it must be treated in an emergency department or there is a risk of losing it, because the nipples do not grow back,” says Dr. Elaine K. Luo in an article on health from the Heathline portal.

Already another tiktoker, named Brooke, had suffered a similar injury with different results. Her case was documented by the New York Post in October 2022. In it, the 32-year-old woman recounted that when she was a teenager, 18 years earlier, she was feeding her first baby and it suddenly stopped. “When I looked at it, I realized that she was choking,” she explained, “my nipple had come out and now I had it in my mouth,” Brooke said in a Tiktok video.

The consequences for her were very different from those for Chrswell. Although she washed her nipple and tried to quickly attach it, following a nurse’s directions, there was no healing. “All I was left with was a small, flat, functional ‘nipple,’” she recalled.

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