TIM also turns off the 3G network. The divestiture will begin in April

Starting from April, TIM will begin the operations to dispose of the 3G network. The resources saved will be used to improve the performance and services of 4G and 5G networks.

The closure of the 3G network will allow TIM to concentrate investments on the most energy efficient technologies and the best performing in terms of quality of services offered to its customers“underlines TIM.

The shutdown will not be instantaneous, but will be gradual and will progressively involve the entire national territory.

Customers still equipped with a smartphone equipped only with 3G connectivity, or a first generation 4G smartphone that does not support voice service on the 4G network and a SIM with a capacity of less than 128k, will receive a dedicated communication.

Such devices they will continue to work for calls and SMS, using the 2G network, but will no longer be able to connect to the 3G network: the connectivity service, in short, will be slower.

The client – explains TIM – can check the compatibility of your terminal with the VoLTE service (voice on 4G or 5G network) by making a call and checking that the technology icon continues to show the 4G or 5G symbol“.

Users who need to change SIM cards will be offered a free replacement, while the device, if obsolete, will need to be updated in order to take advantage of the fastest connectivity.

For the other devices connected to the TIM mobile network there will be no changes in the service or interruptions.

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