TIM and AGCOM find the square on FiberCop’s FTTH which will bring fiber to over 2500 municipalities

AGCOM has launched a new public consultation on the final scheme of the Co-financing Offer regarding the construction of the new FiberCop fiber optic network. After months of rebounds between TIM and AGCOM, the square has finally been found for an offer that is compatible with the new European communications code. The news is important because it concerns the “rules” that will allow telecommunications operators to participate in the Fibercop project to create a new FTTH access network in the gray and black areas, on which they will then be able to offer connectivity services to private individuals. . The node naturally consists of the cumbersome paternity of FiberCop, a wholesale operator which is 58% owned by TIM, which still holds the position of the largest fixed telephony operator in Italy.

TIM accepted AGCOM’s remarks, raised later the first consultation that collected the extremely critical opinions of the other operators, including those of Fastweb itself, a partner of FiberCop (AGCOM published the opinions received during the first consultation at the same time as the new consultation). With the new changes, the co-determination in the development of the network required by the other operators on the basis of risk sharing and equal access and conditions to the operators who decide to join the co-investment for the construction of the infrastructure should now be better guaranteed, an FTTH network involving 2,549 municipalities, to be completed by 30 April 2026, with a coverage target of 9.7 million real estate units. The project also includes the completion of coverage in the 29 wired cities by the FlashFiber joint venture of TIM and Fastweb, now merged into Fibercop, and which involves a further 3.6 million real estate units. This last project, however, as well as the updating of the FlashFiber network architecture to allow it to be opened like the new FiberCop infrastructure to other operators from a wholesale perspective, by resolution AGCOM must be excluded from the co-financing offer and remains subject to a separate verification by the authority. The ball now passes back to the operators and all interested parties.

How to check the status of FiberCop coverage

In recent months, FiberCop has already begun construction of its FTTH network in various Italian municipalities, a network that, like that of OpenFiber, will be available wholesale to all operators. Through the institutional website, from the home page and in the section dedicated to private individuals, it is possible to check both the construction sites open in the municipality of your interest, and to check the availability of coverage at your address.

We remind you that the entire secondary network of TIM has merged into FiberCop, the one that goes from the distribution cabinets to the users’ homes. Where possible, FiberCop is proceeding with the replacement of copper with optical fiber by exploiting the current infrastructures. Where this is not possible, construction sites are opened for the construction of new cable ducts and the laying of the fiber.

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