TIM announces new changes: the cost of these rechargeable offers increases

Bad news for many TIM users. The phone company has announced new changes to some of its rechargeable offers

In addition to the many offers and promotions already launched, several telephone operators are also working to improve their service in terms of connectivity. And unfortunately, this can also mean remodeling to the tariff plans already available.

New adjustments announced for some of the rechargeable TIM offers (Adobe Stock)

This is precisely the case with TIM which, with the start of the new year, announced an increase in the monthly cost of some rechargeable offers. Everything will start from the first renewal following the February 28, 2022, with an expected increase of about 2 euros per month.

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TIM remodels, here are the rechargeable offers involved

tim remodulations 20220114 mobili.it
There is talk of a monthly increase of 2 euros, but with 20 Giga more data traffic. And there is the possibility to withdraw from the contract (Pixabay)

Some already customers TIM will be affected by changes to their rechargeable offers equal to 2 euros per month. A news that will become official starting from the first renewal following the February 28, 2022. Already in these days, the first ones have begun to arrive SMS alerts to all interested parties, with the possibility to withdraw their contract free of charge – as required by law – and change operator. At least for now, a complete list has not yet emerged with all the offers that will see an increase in the monthly fee. If you have a rechargeable SIM, the advice is to keep an eye on your SMS in the next few days.

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As already happened in the past, however, the remodulations are accompanied by an increase in monthly Giga included in the active bundle. It will then be up to the users to decide whether to accept it or decide to move differently. We talk about well 20 GB more, which are added to those already available in their rechargeable promotion. All that remains is to wait to get a more complete picture of all the offers involved in the remodeling which, as already mentioned, will start as early as March.

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