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Starting November 22, 2021 TIM he threw different promotions on the occasion of Black Friday but which will also last for the holidays of Christmas, including also the discounts on smartphones and other devices to buy in installments present in new promotional flyer of TIM stores.

The TIM flyer promotions for Black Friday and the Christmas period are available from November 22, 2021 and until January 9, 2022, except for changes, where they are mainly proposed smartphone to be purchased in installments, in this case for i TIM mobile network customers who will keep the line active for 30 months, as the proposed installments all provide for a duration of 30 months.

The offers included in the flyer are available in TIM stores. On the operator’s site there is instead one dedicated page, presented with the caption “Our Black Fri-Days last until Christmas and beyond”, with a showcase of three of the 5G smartphones on offer in this period and with the possibility of download the flyer with all offers.

Those shown in the flyer are just a few examples of the devices that can be purchased in TIM stores in this period.

It should be noted that for the installment purchase of one of the smartphones in promo in TIM stores, the TIMFin financing, so it is important to read all the conditions before signing the contract.

5G smartphones in the showcase

As mentioned, there are 3 5G smartphones mainly advertised on the first page of the flyer and on the home page on the TIM website.

It is in particular about Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE at the cost of 5 euros per month, Oppo Reno 6 5G at the price of 7 euros per month And Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB purchasable at 13 euros per month.

In the flyer of TIM it is also recalled that buying a 5G smartphone you can take advantage of the 5G promo free for 3 months, so from try TIM’s 5G network on your own numbering at no additional cost for the first 3 months from the purchase of the smartphone.

The promotion will be activated automatically the first time the product sold by TIM is connected to the network. At the end of the 3 months of validity, Promo 5G will come deactivated at no additional cost, and the TIM customer will also receive an SMS that will propose to continue browsing in 5G with a dedicated promotion, without however no constraints of purchase. It will be about 5G ON XTe at 5 euros per month.

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flyer TIM Christmas smartphone

Other smartphones and devices in promo in TIM stores

In addition to these 3 smartphones, the pages of the TIM flyer are shown various devices that can be purchased in installments with TIMFin. Below is the list of devices advertised by TIM and the related costs of the installments.

With regard to Samsung first of all there are the smartphones of the Galaxy S21 series, which can be purchased in installments starting from 13 euros per month.

Then there is Samsung Galaxy X Fold 3 5G starting from 46 euros per month, Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G starting from 24 euros per month and the Galaxy A12 at the cost of 3 euros per month.

In addition, the TIM flyer also includes the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro at 6 euros per month and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE at 10 euros per month.

As for the brand Oppo the smartphones advertised by TIM are Reno 6 Pro 5G starting from 16 euros per month, Find X3 Lite 5G starting from 4 euros per month and finally Oppo A16s at the cost of 3 euros per month.

Among the devices Motorola there are the Motorola Edge 20 Lite 5G starting from 5 euros per month and the Moto G51 starting from 4 euros per month.

Smartphones I live present in the TIM flyer are the V21 5G starting from 4 euros per month and the I live Y72 starting from 3 euros per month.

As for instead Xiaomi, the smartphones of the Chinese company in the flyer TIM are Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G starting from 10 euros per month, Xiaomi 11T 5G starting from 7 euros per month and finally the Redmi Note 10 5G at the cost of 3 euros per month.

The brand’s smartphones Realme advertised in TIM stores are Realme GT Neo 2 at the cost of 7 euros per month, Realme GT Master Edition purchasable at 5 euros per month and the Realme C25Y at the cost of 3 euros per month.

Finally, on the first pages of the TIM flyer there is also the smartphone TCL 20R 5G purchasable at the cost of 3 euros per month.

In addition to the Android smartphones of the various manufacturers listed above, the prices for the purchase in installments of Apple iPhone 13.

In particular, with TIM it is possible to buy iPhone 13 Mini starting from 24 euros per month, iPhone 13 starting from 27 euros per month, iPhone 13 Pro starting from 36 euros per month And iPhone 13 Pro Max starting from 39 euros per month.

The flyer also mentions some services related to the purchase of smartphones, including TIM Go Safe, Semper Sicurezza Display and the TIM Next option.

Black Friday

Offers Switch to TIM with smartphones in stores and more

The flyer also mentions the possibility of switching to TIM with the Operator Attack offers, dedicated to those coming from certain operators, with minutes, SMS and 70 Giga for 9.99 euros per month, to which it is also possible contextually combine the purchase of a smartphone in installments.

In this regard, please note that, as already anticipated by MondoMobileWeb, from 22 November 2021 the offer is also available TIM Super Smart, with minutes, SMS, TIMMUSIC and 50 Giga to 11.99 euros per month activatable only in case of number portability from any other operator mobile and only if yes will purchase a smartphone in installments at the same time.

The flyer gives examples of two smartphones to be combined with the tariff offers with portability, that is Samsung Galaxy A12 128GB at 3 euros more per month for 30 months or Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G at 5 euros more per month for 30 months.

Within the pages of the TIM brochure, the promo for TIMVISION Gold at a discounted price, available with an additional discount for those who claim to be DAZN or Sky customers.

Promo smart home and other home products

Inside the flyer there are also some promotions valid for all TIM fixed network customers for the purchase of smart products home with installments on the invoice.

Among these there is, for example, the promo which, as already mentioned, allows you to buy in installments 2 Google Nest Mini or alternatively the new second generation Google Nest Hub, the new version of the smart speaker with integrated display, in both cases at the discounted cost of 1 euro per month for 48 months.

Besides these are present other products for the home that can be purchased in installments, including the TIM Hub + modem at 5 euros per month for 48 months, TIM Repeater WiFi Easy Mesh at 2 euros per month for 30 months, WiFi Repeater at 1 euro per month for 30 months, TIM Cam at 1 euro per month for 30 months and PC Onda Oliver Plus 15.6 ″ (8GB of RAM and 256GB of memory) at 14 euro per month for 30 months.

Finally, there is also the TIM Veloce Pro electric scooter, which can be purchased at 13 euros per month for 30 months.

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