TIM Premium: have you also received the email from Customer Service?

Lorenzo Delli

“Dear Customer, TIM has started an innovative and ambitious path of technological evolution and customer focus “: thus begins the email that many TIM customers received this morning from customer service.

“From today TIM considers you a Premium customer”, the e-mail continues, stating that from now on the operator will offer cutting-edge services and solutions that are increasingly suited to the user’s needs. Other users of our Facebook group (subscribe!) Are also confirming that they have received the same email this morning.

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The mail should be addressed to TIM customers “historical”, or in any case linked to fixed TIM offers that have already been active for years and which, inevitably, boast speed and outdated technologies. A user of our Facebook group also confirms this. It is possible that the users thus contacted have a possible upgrade of their contact available. Among other things, many users had already received an SMS a few weeks ago with a very similar text. Being a customer TIM Premium it does not involve any change in the contractual conditions, at least for now.

The email invites the user to contact 187 to find out more. Customer service is likely to offer these types of users new offers or upgrades to existing ones. In the meantime, some tariffs that provide for FTTH fiber optic connection have been renamed Premium, and this may not be a case. Another reader of ours (operator at 187), right in the comments here on the site, confirms that the email would have arrived precisely because of the change in the names of the offers. Have you received the email that you can also see in the gallery below? Have any of you tried calling 187 to find out more?

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