TIM shuts down the 3G network to make room for the new 4G and 5G networks

TIM is progressively shutting down its 3G network to enhance 4G and especially 5G. The replacement process will be started starting from April 2022 and will progressively involve the whole national territory, as can be read on the TIM website. “Dear customer, from April 2022, TIM will start the progressive shutdown of the 3G network, which will be replaced by 4G and 5G technologies” this instead the message that all users who will experience a drop in performance caused by the change are receiving.

TIM turns off the 3G network

It is about those who own smartphones not compatible with VoLTE technology needed to make voice calls on 4G or 5G, without having to go through 2G. These devices (such as first generation 4G smartphone), in fact, they will use the 2G network to make phone calls and send text messages, while they will continue to surf the Internet with the 4G network. Due to the lack of support for VoLTE technology in cases like these The ability to navigate while making a voice call will no longer be guaranteed.

How to check if your smartphone is compatible with VoLTE technology?

To check the compatibility of your terminal with the VoLTE service, just make a call and check that the technology icon continues to show the 4G or 5G symbol.

As for the 3G devices such as smartphones, tablets, routers, keys, alarm systems / home automationinstead, they will be able to continue making calls and sending SMS, using the 2G network, but will experience slowdowns in Internet browsing. The move also impacts those who are in possession of one SIM with less than 128k capacity, who will have to go to a TIM center to change the SIM.

The closure of the 3G network will allow TIM to concentrate its investments on technologies that are more efficient from an energy point of view and more performing in terms of the quality of the services offered to its customers, according to the TIM website. The reference obviously to new 4G and 5G networks.

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