Time Tijuana vs Pumas: where to SEE TODAY’s game


At the close of the activity of this Friday in Liga MXthe Xolos of Tijuana They will repeat at home with the mission of getting their first championship win against some inspired UNAM cougarsby Date 4 of the Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX.

How do they get there?

This will be the third location for the border team and in their past games they tied at one goal with both Cruz Azul as with Tigresso it has become a difficult customs to be able to achieve victory.

However, the box Ricardo Valino He has not been able to win in the championship and urgently needs the three points to help him with the problem of the percentage where they occupy the last places.

latest results

  • Tijuana 1-1 Tigers | day 3
  • Juarez 3-0 Tijuana | day 2
  • Tijuana 1-1 Cruz Azul | day 1

next meetings

  • In Necaxa | February 3rd
  • Vs Saint Louis | Feb. 10

While the auriazul team has started the tournament in a solid way with two victories, both at home, although they will hardly seek to add their first points away from the Estadio Olímpico Universitario.

Rafael Bridge He highlighted the work of his squad to win last week against León, especially the dedication and heart they put in during the 90 minutes.

In this team, a hallmark is having a heart and we must respond to that courage, gallantry and those are the qualifiers for the players. I think it’s a fair reward for them.”

last bookmarks

  • Cougars 4-1 Leon | day 3
  • Saints 3-0 Cougars | day 2
  • Cougars 2-1 Juarez | day 1

following duels

  • Vs Atlas | February 5th
  • In Tigers | February 11th

General table Liga MX 2023 | At the moment

  1. Tigers 7 points
  2. Saints 7
  3. Pachuca 6
  4. Striped 6
  5. cougars 6
  6. Atlas 5
  7. Toluca 4
  8. Chivas 4
  9. Saint Louis 4
  10. Puebla 4
  11. america 3
  12. Juarez 3
  13. Necaxa 3
  14. lion 3
  15. Queretaro 2
  16. Tijuana 2
  17. Blue Cross 1
  18. Mazatlan 0

possible alignments


  1. Jose Rodriguez
  2. Rodrigo Godinez
  3. Lisandro Lopez
  4. Nicholas Diaz
  5. Jair Diaz
  6. Federico Lertora
  7. Eduardo Armenta
  8. fernando valenzuela
  9. Lucas Rodriguez
  10. Alexis Canelo
  11. Brian Romero


  1. Sebastian Sosa
  2. jose galindo
  3. Arturo Ortiz
  4. Nicholas Freire
  5. Adrian Aldrete
  6. Jesus Molina
  7. Higor Meritao
  8. god
  9. Gustavo Del Prete
  10. Edward Salvio
  11. Juan Dinenno

party background

The dominance in the last five games on the border has been inclined for the Xolos with a balance of three wins for one draw and only one setback.

  • Tijuana 1-0 UNAM | Closing 2022
  • Tijuana 0-0 UNAM | Closing 2021
  • Tijuana 1-0 UNAM | Opening 2019
  • Tijuana 0-1 UNAM | Opening 2018
  • Tijuana 4-1 UNAM | Closing 2018

Match Tickets

If you want to attend the game you can buy your tickets online through the site mobile ticket or directly at the Estadio Caliente ticket office. These are the ticket costs.

  • Head North Corner: $350
  • South Zone: $400
  • North Head: $450
  • South Corner Zone: $450
  • Zone 2 South Corner: $550
  • Zone 2 North Corner: $650
  • North Zone: $800
  • North Corner Zone: $850
  • Zone 1 Corner: $950
  • Zone 1: $1,350
  • VIP: $1,550
  • South Corner Stall: $1,550
  • North Corner stalls: $1,650
  • Plateau: $1,750


The border team is a favorite for this game with an odds of +120 according to; the university triumph is at +225 and the tie at +250.

Pumas match schedule TODAY

  • Day: Friday, January 27, 2023
  • Schedule: 9:05 p.m. (Central Mexico time)
  • Venue: Caliente Stadium
  • Phase: Day 4 of the Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX

Transmission Tijuana vs Pumas

  • Channel: Azteca 7 and Fox Sports
  • Streaming: Azteca Deportes and Fox Sports Premium

In the event that you cannot follow the transmission of the game, you have nothing to worry about, since the most relevant thing that happens before, during and after the game, in addition to minute by minute, you can check with us at halftime.

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