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Ettore De Duna – Part 2 Now it takes time to use artificial intelligence.

Not the End of the Week, Timothée Chalamet appears for the first time Saturday night Live Apos o enserramento da grave dos atres. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the actor of Duna and Me Cham Pelo Seu Nom presented an interesting opening monologue with topics related to Hollywood and his career.

“In many ways, it feels like the first time (the presentation) because last time it was during COVID and this time it was just weird,” the artist said. “Use the mask all week. He did not believe that Lorne Michaels was as good as him; “He kept calling me Winona.”

Why is Timothée Chalamet canceling Wonka before the premiere?

He added: “But I feel as fortunate to be a presenter after the big SAG movie as I was two days ago – and I know we’re all thinking – actors can’t talk about their movies”, he added. Don’t treat any less than chamois or actor Martin Scorsese for an ad highlighted before contacting.

“tell me one thing. When you get the link that Martin Scorsese wants to direct you to, the first thing you think is: ‘Wow, I really hope this is a perfume ad,'” he says of his next character. The impersonators jumped around the actor before singing about the person. In our cinemas, Willy Wonka.

Timothée Chalamet described the letter he received from Tom Cruise: “It was like a war cry!”

He added, “After spending 118 days thinking about AI, it’s very exciting to be here among real humans.” “Thanks to the new agreement with SAG, TV programs can’t just use AI to make it look like a crowd is bigger than it actually is. “Is it as hard as it is good?” You will definitely laugh when you question, people raised with CGI appear on the canvas.

Finally, Chalamet continues to promote himself through the music of the film Wonka and his castmate Hugh Grant who will play the Oompa Loompa. The approximately six-minute opening monologue is available below:

In addition to Wonka, releasing in theaters on December 7, Chalamet returns to the Holograph in Dune – Part 2, releasing on March 14, 2024.

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