Tinamo will be the main character of the July Pokémon GO Community Day: all the details

Pokémon GO continues to reveal the game’s event plan, already with July’s Community Day in mind

Tinamo will be the main character of the July Pokémon GO Community Day: all the details
Tinamo, the Electrofish Pokémon, will be the featured character at Pokémon GO Community Day in July.

Next Pokémon GO Community Daywhich happens on 21 Julynow officially has its own main character Pokemon: Tinamo, the Electrofish Pokemon which debuted in the fifth generation of the franchise. This is a creature that evolves into Eelektrik and then Eelektros. will appear more often and will allow trainers to obtain an evolutionary line with the possibility of obtaining a Variocolor version.

Tynamo, the main character of July 21.

July 21st was date chosen by Niantic so Community Day will take place in Pokémon GO. There’s already been information about all the Pokémon GO events and their dates for the summer, but now it’s also been revealed that Tinamo will be the featured Pokémon for the next Community Day. This is Pokemon with two evolutions, Eelektrik and Elektroswhose shiny version will also appear more often during the event.

As for the time Niantic has chosen for this event, this time on Community Day on July 21st. It will be activated from 14:00 to 17:00 Spanish time.. Taking into account that it is the middle of summer and how dangerous the peak heat hours can be in Spain, it will be important Bring water and sun protection to avoid the damaging effects of sun and heat.

Pokémon GO Tynamo Stickers

Tinamo stickers can be obtained during Community Day.

Additional information about Tynamo Community Day

At the same time, this Community Day, Ultra Beasts will leave room for other Pokemon to become the main characters. However, more detailed information about Tynamo and its Community Day should be mentioned, since, in addition to Mass appearance of “Tinamo” During the event hours also more aspects worth mentioninglike the ones we explain below:

  • Evolve Taynamo from the start of the event until 5 hours after it ends, this will allow you to get its evolved form with Volt Shift as fast attack.
  • Previous payment 1 euroyou can unlock research history a special and exclusive Taynamo Community Day that will allow you to unlock more prizes and rewards. You can also gift this ticket to your friends in addition to purchasing it for yourself.
  • There will also be Field research related to Tinamo and its Community Day.
  • This will activate Temporary Research with Unova Stones The reward is the necessary item to obtain Elektross.
  • Unrevealed Pokemon will appear unexpectedly if you are taking pictures during the event.
  • The Incense and Lure modules you use will last for three hours.That is, if you use incense at the start of an event, it will last as long as it remains active.
  • Eggs will be needed The distance to the hatch is 75% less.. That is, for eggs the size of, for example, 2 kilometers, you will need only 500 meters.
  • You will receive twice as many candies for each Pokemon caught.
  • If your level is 31 or higher, Candies++ will also be more likely to appear..
  • To trade Pokémon during the Taynamo Community Day, which has been extended until 10:00 p.m., you will need 50% less stardust.
  • Eelektrik will appear in 4-star raids, and if you complete the raid, there will be many more tinamos around the gym.
  • You can get special stickers Taynamo Community Day by rotating PokéStops.

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