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The character, who became known for tricking different women through Tinder, would have been scammed by wanting to have his Instagram account verified.

Simon Leviev, the man who gained worldwide popularity after starring in the documentary The Tinder Scammerwould have received some of his own medicine getting scammed through instagram.

According to TMZ slogan, Yehuda Hayut, real name of the Israeli man, was fooled last Thursday by a “verified” Instagram accountafter Leviev wanted to get his own blue logo to verify his account.

Simon would have spoken with an influencer, who assured him that would help you verify your account and that of his current partner, Kate Konlin.

This in order to be able to distinguish between the fake accounts and the one that Leviev actually manages.

The start of the scam

According to the mysterious user, the verification would be done through the influencer’s boyfriend, who would work for Meta, the technology company that owns Instagram.

The deception continued to even share a series of video calls between the so-called Tinder Scammer and the alleged Meta worker, who assured him that he could only check the accounts if he was paid Thousands of dollars.

According to the TMZ medium, Leviev specifically paid $6,664, that is more than 5 million Chilean pesosthrough two transactions by Paypal.

Moments after making the payment, Leviev’s representative found this treatment strange, so he decided to contact the Meta team directly. There an executive confirmed that the company does not charge money to verify accounts.

Before you can make a complaint, scammers disappeared from the internetincluding verified Instagram account.

According to the Netflix documentary, Leviev used his attractiveness to scamming different women through Tinder. The subject pretended to be a millionaire heir who later, with multiple tricks, managed to extract large sums of money from his victims.

Despite the bad time experienced by the “Tinder scammer”, currently comes across the verified account icon On Instagram. This would be due to the work of his manager in communicating with the company.

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