Tips for eating out and maintaining healthy habits

With the hectic pace of life that we lead, it is very common to have meals away from home, whether for work, for family gatherings and/or friends… Perhaps you think that eating away from home has all negative repercussions that make it impossible to eat a healthy diet.

It’s actually easy to eat healthy on the go if you know how.stock

But I have good news to give you: going out to eat and eating a healthy diet is possible. If you are one of the people who find it difficult to reconcile the healthy habits acquired when they go out to eat, and you want to continue enjoying eating in a healthy, varied, balanced way and eating foods that you love without breaking your head, I will tell you here how to get it:

1. Do not arrive at the restaurant very hungry

If you skip any of the meals you make during the day to compensate in some way that you are going to eat out… better not do it.

If you arrive at the restaurant with a lot of appetite, the only thing you will achieve is to increase the anxiety about eating the food and you will decide more impulsively.

2. Choose water to drink

Water is the drink par excellence, therefore, it is the drink that we should consume to accompany our meals.

There are also other options such as: sparkling water, infusions or teas, coffee… thus avoiding sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages as much as possible.

3. Vegetables always present

Salad, grilled vegetables, vegetable wok… it doesn’t matter, in all possible formats and colors, vegetables are always welcome.

Vegetables are the perfect ally when we want to achieve healthy habitssince it contains numerous nutrients, high water content and helps to fill us up due to its fiber content.

4. Appetizers yes, but with a conscience

When we go out to eat, it’s almost an impossible mission not to snack or take dishes to share… I’ll give you a trick to eat appetizers more consciously: add to your individual plate everything you want to take from the beginningso you can see how much you’ve consumed.

5. Add flavor

When we go to eat at a restaurant, they normally use different seasonings because they add flavor to the food. There are some that are very high in calories, such as: mayonnaise, Caesar sauce, Roquefort sauce… for this reason, try to opt for other condiments such as spices, mustard, vinegar, lemon… which are less fatty and add flavour.

6. Visualize the healthy plate

The healthy plate is a visual tool that is used as a guide to create healthy mealspaying special attention to the quantity and quality of the food that is part of each dish.

Likewise, try to choose healthy cooking such as: oven, steam, iron, grill… avoiding as much as possible culinary techniques that require a lot of oil such as fried, breaded…

7. You don’t have to finish all the food

Remember to connect with your levels of hunger and satiety. We are used to not leaving anything on the plate, but if you are no longer hungry, you do not have to eat everything by force.

You can offer the food that you don’t want to someone at the table, order it to take away… if these options are not possible, and you know the restaurant because you are a regular, you can also ask that they put less quantity on your plate than usual or ask for half menu.

8. Eat mindful

Mindful eating refers to applying mindfulness to eating, paying attention to the experience of thoughts, emotions, physical sensations… practicing mindful eating outside the home may be quite a challenge, but not impossible. I’ll give you a trick: at each bite, place your cutlery on the table, so you have more time to chew.

Salads and vegetables are excellent options when we eat out.stock

These are some of the tips that you can carry out to eat away from home in a healthier and more conscious way. Don’t skip your next meal to make up for what you ate out, as this will perpetuate unhealthy and risky behavior.

Remember the most important: you are human and you do not eat only to give energy to your body, but also eat for pleasure.

Enjoy food in company. Don’t stress about what you have eaten or haven’t eaten, because the anxiety you may suffer from thinking about what you should or shouldn’t eat is worse than the food you consider “bad”.

Therefore, whenever you go out to eat, keep your healthy habits as much as possible, but without going crazy. One “unhealthy” meal won’t ruin the lifestyle you’re building.

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