Tired of receiving SPAM calls? With this simple trick, your Android phone will block them automatically.

We’ve discovered a hidden feature in the Google Phone app that blocks all incoming SPAM calls so you don’t even receive them.

Tired of receiving SPAM calls?  With this simple trick, your Android phone will block them automatically.
We will teach you how to stop SPAM calls once and for all

Nowadays, even if you are registered on Robinson’s List, you will certainly not stop receiving commercial calls on your Android mobile phone from all types of companies, the most common being telephone and electrical companies, and we are sure that you will indeed find this. annoying because They can call you at any time of the day and, for example, ruin a good sleep.

So, today we will tell you how you can get rid of annoying SPAM calls once and for all by activating a filter on your Android smartphone that will automatically block these types of calls.

How to Make Your Android Automatically Block Spam Calls

You might not know this, but the native Google Phone app is used for more than just calling and calling as it has a hidden feature responsible for automatically identify and block all incoming calls that the big G determines may be suspicious of SPAM.

Apparently this is a secret functionality of the Google Phone app It is available on the vast majority of Android terminals on the market.as it is one of the most popular G apps that They are already preinstalled from the factory..

If there is additional delay, we will detail it for you. steps to follow to activate spam call filter on your Android mobile:

  • Open the Google Phone app on your smartphone.
  • Press button with three vertical dots which is in the upper right corner
  • Click on the option Settings to access the application configuration menu
  • Click on the button “Caller ID and spam”
  • Activate the switch to the right of the option “View caller number and spam”

Once this is done, the section switch is automatically activated. “Filter spam calls” and from now on the Google Phone app will take care of identify all calls that may be SPAM and block them so that you don’t even know about this call.

Of course, these calls will be recorded in your recent call history, where they will be identified as a warning sign icon circled in red with the word “spam” just below the phone number..

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