Tiredness and weakness are the classic ailments of spring but beware of these other 2 annoying ailments that could affect us all in the coming days

If we were to draw up a ranking of the best-selling drugs and parapharmaceuticals in this period, there would certainly be supplements and multivitamins in the lead. Spring brings with it a decisive change in the habits of our organism, also influenced by the climate. Especially if such an alternating May happens, able to take us one day to the sea for a swim and the next day to wear an anorak. Our organism and, above all our biological clock, struggle more to adapt and understand what is happening. Tiredness and weakness are therefore a classic malaise of this period, which could be accentuated in all those who suffer from allergic rhinitis.

But beware that spring would also bring other very common symptoms, but not to be underestimated. Fatigue and weakness can affect our mood. Because it can negatively affect our day, work productivity and interpersonal relationships.

Two million Italians would suffer from mood swings

According to a recent statistic, spring would lead over two million Italians to suffer from mood swings. Parallel to the twists and turns of the weather, here are also the whims of the mood. It is not only our wage quotas that are affected, but more and more men too. And this is why doctors and dieticians insist on the importance of following a diet particularly rich in:

  • water;
  • mineral salts;
  • vitamins;
  • fruit sugars.

Let’s not forget that according to what this study also reports, some foods, such as those rich in the nutrients mentioned above, would be able to favor more than others the development of serotonin, the good mood hormone, which would also fight its fluctuations.

Tiredness and weakness are the classic ailments of spring but beware of these other 2 annoying ailments that could affect us all in the coming days

Poor concentration and headache would be the other two seasonal ailments that affect many Italians. Our researchers argue that difficulty concentrating and headaches are inextricably linked to the change of season. The increase in temperatures, perhaps with high anomalous peaks, would in fact cause a slowing of the metabolism. Which would invariably lead to slower digestion and increased liver fatigue. The classic feeling we get in the morning when we get up after an evening party, or even when we simply ate too late. Nor should it be forgotten that this period is a crucial time for students and all those who are focused on school.

In this case, the headache and that sense of tiredness so frequent could be linked to the stress of the situation. It is therefore the ailments of spring that should be fought even with lots of water, a balanced diet with low fat and lots of physical activity. At the same time trying to put the stress out.

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