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A point added out of 9 possible, a difference of -2 goals and penultimate in the table of this Clausura 2023 Tournament (with a pending game), is the reality that lives Blue Cross a situation that does not surprise Emanuel Villa.

The former player of La Máquina considered that the bad planning of the championship is taking its toll on the team, and as proof is that they have not been able to sign a quality striker, because they have all 10 foreign places occupied.

‘It’s not to go crazy’: Tito Villa

“Now the problem is the quota of foreigners, I don’t know if they are still looking for a striker; Blue Cross must be intelligent, at least in the operational part, to generate and fetch a element that props up the stroke, where there is a significant deficiency. The defensive sector can be corrected, there are elements that are very low, but it would only be acting well, going back to the basics. It’s not to go crazy, but to get busy.”

“There is a good base of footballers who can move the club through the Regular Season, the problem comes later when you face the best and then I don’t see Cruz Azul competing with the clubs that yearn for the title. It’s not enough and that makes the team suffer in both areas, offensive and defensive,” Villa also told halftime.

What does Tito Villa think of Morales, Carneiro and Estrada?

Titus Villaidentified as one of the leaders of the last two decades for the Cruz Azul fans as a club player (2009-2012) and scoring champion in the Apertura 2009 (17 goals), said that Iván MoralesGonzalo carneiroMichael road and even Augustus lotti are not players Of the level that the club requires.

“Sometimes is hard to find an explanation. Morales arrived with a certain sign, the Carneiro thing was at the request of Diego Aguirre who knew him from his previous stint with another team and the Estrada thing ends up being a bomber before the departure of Santi (Santiago Giménez). He doesn’t fill the Colt’s eye either and there’s no more, Cruz Azul has no moreThey are wrong hires that they have not been able to adapt, the truth is that beyond the fact that Carneiro and Estrada scored some goals to close the season, they did not have that weight that it seems to me that Cruz Azul’s nine should have”.

“With all the time you had (off), Couldn’t you bring in a pecking center forward?, weight and name that the league knows? The bet was Lotti, I consulted in Argentina and he is not a center forward as such, in terms of statistics he does not seem to me to be the killer that Cruz Azul needs. So there are already four elements, four wages that you cannot channel onto the pitch And that is expensive.”

Is situation has caused the followers of the team express their discouragement and anger towards the board, coaching staff and players, since La Máquina is at the bottom of the table.

“To the amateur gives you more courage that they are waiting for this type of men and that they continue bringing a football players to give depth to the campus and not quality”.

Hurried to analyze Potro Gutiérrez

In this Closing Tournament 2023, Cross bluehe he adds 1 point in 3 games played and this weekend he had no action; well the team will reappear on the Day 5 in a duel against Tigres, which could be key to the continuity of Potro Gutiérrez on the bench, although the Tito Villa calls for calm and not forget how the strategist rescued a club that had just been humiliated – it had been thrashed 7-0 by América last August – and that it even cost Diego Aguirre’s head, who was then the squad’s coach.

It would be too hasty (to stop). El Potro somehow has not done anything bad with the team, yes, the start has not been good, but he saved last season. He has been complaining that he has order to directive let him work and reinforce the campus especially in the strokeand in other (positions) that seemed to be left aside, I understand that they gave him a hand, but halfway. It’s hard for me to believe that Potro asked Carrera and Lotti, so much so that neither of them starts.”

“The return of Jordan Silva is not to prop up the lower zone, because it is a revulsion and the vargasI have nothing against Carlos, he was a boy who promised many things, but over time he did not grow with that capacity that he was seen at the beginning and I found him few arguments what for reinforce to Machine”, stressed Tito Villa.

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