TMW RADIO – DS Crotone: “Messias, how thrilling the Champions League goal against Milan”

The sports director of Crotone Giuseppe Ursino spoke to TMW Radio during Maracana.

Yesterday Messias scored in the Champions League. What did he think?
“It was a great emotion, first because I saw the game and it was intense and he did two wonderful things already before the goal. He made an action like Messias, he scored a great goal. The boy deserves it, he’s a boy extraordinary, as well as a very strong player. I am following him and I see that he is not yet what we know. But he is a player who as soon as he has the optimal condition, he has great shots. Yesterday I wrote him a message immediately after the goal. spontaneous. I’m sure he’ll call me back later, because he’s a polite and sensitive boy “.

Pioli then leaves no one behind:
“He has proved to be a great coach, in Italy for now he is the best together with Gasperini and Juric. They are good coaches, Pioli has proved to be a trained coach and does not neglect any player”.

What was Messias struck by when he first saw him?
“I saw him in a video of a Gozzano match and you could already see the player. He knows how to play in the midfielder, the winger, the second striker, he’s a complete player.”

Did Napoli also want it?
“It was the first club that looked for him, when Gattuso was still there and even when he left, Giuntoli phoned me, who was also interested in Simy”.

Did you hear it? What about Milan?
“He told me that Pioli is a great coach and that the Milan environment is like that of a family.”

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