To fight rhinitis, sinusitis or chronic bronchitis it would be enough to go to this paradise of Emilia famous for its portentous water

In May we have most of the blooms that create annoying and problematic allergies for many of us. These include rhinitis. The latter is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa that causes considerable discomfort. Symptoms involve sneezing, colds with severe watery eyes, and headaches. Nasal itching and conjunctivitis make rhinitis unmistakable compared to any other cold.

Treatment for rhinitis consists of antihistamine medications and decongestant eye drops. In addition to the usual drug therapy, those suffering from rhinitis can count on the aerosols of the thermal waters of Tabiano.

To fight rhinitis, sinusitis or chronic bronchitis it would be enough to go to this paradise of Emilia famous for its portentous water

The Tabiano water was already known in 1800 as the most sulphurous water in Europe. The high concentration of sulphates and sulphurous gases is absolutely recommended for treating pathologies of the mouth, nose and eyes. It is a cold water that also contains calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates. It can be classified as strongly mineralized.

At the Terme di Tabiano a visit is made first to recommend the treatment suitable for the pathology. Afterwards, inhalations are carried out with direct jet or conveyed jet or aerosol. By direct jet inhalations we mean that the water is atomized by the steam. In this way the hot-humid aerosol that derives from it will thin the secretions and the mucus, disinfecting the respiratory tract. The inhalations with a conveyed jet take place through a special mask for the nose and mouth. With the aerosol humage, the thermal water is reduced into very small droplets and inhaled with the gas it contains. The micronized nasal douche is another therapy indicated for the treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis. It consists of a nasal wash with aerosol.

At the Spa we can perform other treatments such as gas inhalation in the environment with hydrogen sulphide gas or ultrasonic nebulization in the environment. These sessions are ideal for respiratory diseases with phlegm.

What Tabiano water cures

In addition to rhinitis, in the Emilian spa town they also treat:

  • sinusitis: this disease is inflammation of the sinuses caused by a viral or bacterial allergy. The main symptoms of sinusitis are stuffy nose, pain in the cheekbones, toothache, headache. Therefore, those suffering from sinusitis will find relief thanks to the portentous thermal waters to move and eliminate the nasal mucus;
  • chronic bronchitis and other bronchial pathologies;
  • disorders of the tract between the throat and ear;
  • dermatological diseases.

Finally, let’s not forget that the Baths are located in one of the Italian capitals of food and wine. During your stay in the spa town, we will be able to dine with Culatello di Zibello, Crudo di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano.

To fight rhinitis, sinusitis or chronic bronchitis it would be enough to allow yourself a regenerating stay in Tabiano.

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