To keep blood pressure low and fight hypertension not only with proteins but also without resorting to drugs, here’s what we should do every day

It is a problem that, in Italy, affects about 30% of the population. Proof that high blood pressure is not something that unusual, but a problem common to many. And it does not prefer sexes, affecting, indifferently, men and women, the latter, in particular, after menopause.

As Humanitas experts explain, it is not a disease, as some are led to think. It is a risk factor, meaning it is a particular condition that could increase the chance of other cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, it is essential to prevent and control it. What can be done to keep blood pressure low and fight hypertension without resorting, perhaps, to drugs?

We should prefer these foods which will give us extra help with the pressure

Usually, as you age, it is easier to have systolic arterial hypertension, which is an increase in maximum blood pressure.

Paradoxically, as experts explain, essential arterial hypertension does not have a precise cause, which could be identified or treated. High values ​​are the result of the alteration of the complex mechanisms that regulate pressure. Sometimes it is enough to eliminate some substances that we abuse, such as licorice, nasal sprays, the birth control pill.

However, there are factors that end up predisposing us to have an increase in pressure. Familiarity is something that, at times, we cannot escape. As well as age which, as mentioned, is among the influencing factors. Being overweight doesn’t help, and so does smoking. People with diabetes may also have high blood pressure. Stress is another of the negative factors that facilitate hypertension and excessive alcohol consumption is also something we should avoid. Last but not least, a diet that favors too much sodium-rich foods at the expense of those with potassium, could lead to arterial hypertension.

To keep blood pressure low and fight hypertension not only with proteins but also without resorting to drugs, here’s what we should do every day

Recent research, published in Hypertension, done on Chinese adults with normal blood pressure, highlighted the relationship between high blood pressure and protein consumed. What emerged? Those who ate both animal and plant proteins had a 66% lower risk of high blood pressure than those who only ingested animal protein.

In practice, they must not be eliminated, but limited by varying them. Legumes should be consumed daily, while the rest should be calmed down. Beyond food, however, we can engage in some behaviors that might help us try to lower it.

Walking briskly for 30 minutes helps our heart use oxygen in a more useful way. Breathing deeply also helps to partially control the renin. As mentioned, little sodium and more potassium. Fruit helps us in this regard, but it must be fresh and it can be understood through safe methods. And if we love coffee, it would be better to switch to decaf. It is essential to relax, to overcome stress, perhaps listening to classical music. And, if possible, we should avoid snoring to limit the levels of aldosterone which is a hormone that could affect the increase in pressure.

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If at night we wake up at 3 or always at the same time there is a reason that should not be underestimated but these are the remedies to avoid creating problems for our health.

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