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The video of Fedezthe one in which the singer talks about his “health problem” to millions of people on social media, has been a lesson for many of us: she is convinced Antonella Viola, immunologist at the University of Padua. “Speaking of her illness on social media, putting her face, soul, tears, emotions and even fear into it, Fedez made a gesture twice revolutionary“wrote the Viola on The print. According to her, in fact, on the one hand the singer “swept away that preconception that he makes about us to be ashamed of our body ill“and on the other” has returned that to the male world fragility that gender stereotypes deny him “.

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“Fedez showed us that taking care of oneself, listening to the signals that the body sends us and doing prevention does not mean being weak or paranoid – continued the immunologist -. It means giving value to life and all the love that exists or that can come. “According to Viola, in short, that of the rapper was a nice gesture because usually one prefers to live the disease in silence:” One of the reasons why we struggle so much to talking about the disease, whether it be an infection, a tumor or one of the many diseases that can affect human beings, is the creeping idea that disease is something to be ashamed of, as if it were a fault“.

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This conception of the disease is also at the basis, continues Viola, of “those pseudosciences or those religious sects that consider the disease a manifestation of the disturbances of the soul and that, in extreme cases, lead the sick to give up medical care to undertake expensive paths of spiritual meditation “. And again: “And it is always because of this afterthought that many people have difficulty in declaring to have to undergo an operation surgical or having to face a treatment path; a modesty that even leads to shame when the disease is a mood disorder, such as depression “.

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