To treat anxiety and restore a good mood 2 soothing preparations would be excellent and would help the intestine and liver before the summer

There are plants that at certain times of the year are very important for our health because thanks to the infusions they solve various problems. Especially when temperatures rise, our body needs natural supplements that can protect it from stress and loss of balance. Herbal teas and infusions consumed even cold, two or three times a day, allow us to benefit from the therapeutic properties of plants that can make us feel better.

There is a plant that has active ingredients in both leaves and flowers and whose soothing properties have been used over the centuries to heal wounds but also to treat anxiety and restore a good mood. It is the yarrow tea, which would be perfect in these cases thanks to the chamazulene, a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic element also present in chamomile.

Total effect

Achillea is a perennial herbaceous plant that in Italy can be harvested as a wild plant or grown in the garden as a hybrid. The infusions would relax the digestive system and relax the nerves, so we could obtain an almost total beneficial action on the body when stress creates difficulties.

The infusion is prepared with 30 g of dried flowers for a liter of water. To take advantage of the digestive effects it would be necessary to consume it 3 times a day after the main meals. As always we remember that, when preparing infusions, it is necessary to pay attention to the drugs we take. Yarrow infusions are not recommended, for example, for those who are taking anticoagulant drugs.

Another infusion that could help our body feel good before summer is rose tea. We can prepare it both in the green, black and white version.

To treat anxiety and restore a good mood 2 soothing preparations would be excellent and would help the intestine and liver before the summer

Rose tea made from dried buds would help treat dysentery and constipation thanks to organic acids, so it’s a great gut health remedy. The positive effects on anxiety and moodiness are also worth noting. The high vitamin C content would help the immune system and central nervous system by drinking one or two cups a day between meals.

The tea is prepared by infusing the rosebuds for 5 minutes, then adding 2 teaspoons of tea to 500ml of water and letting it infuse for another 5 minutes. We use Chinese black tea or Camellia sprouts for white and rosé tea. These are specialties that the East has made us known for some time and that we can find in herbal medicine. We face the summer with a lot of energy and health by consuming these drinks regularly.

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For inflammation of the urinary tract, this natural antibiotic is an excellent disinfectant and goes well with herbal teas and bicarbonate.

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